Casa Maya – St. Augustine

3 1/2 sprouts out of 5

Casa Maya used to be a cute cozy little Mexican spot off the touristy strip with some of the best food in St. Augustine.  Luckily, the food is still delicious but their new digs aren’t so cute and cozy anymore.  They moved this past summer into a larger space just across the street from the old spot.

Casa Maya Iced TeaThe first time we visited there (in their old home) I had ordered an iced tea and it was served with a bottle of Agave Nectar on the side.  I loved it- such a nice alternative to the usual pink, blue or white sugar packets.  The last time I went I was told they were out of the Agave Nectar- hopefully that is just a temporary thing and not a permanent decision.  The Agave Nectar was certainly a nice touch.

Casa Maya Queso FundidoWe ordered the Queso Fundido appetizer (I am a sucker for anything with melted cheese.)  It was delicious- very flavorful and served with warm tortilla.  A great start especially if you like ooey gooey cheese like me.
Casa Maya Fish TacosFor our entrees the first time around- we decided to give the fish tacos a go.  We were so pleased with this dish.  The Mahi Mahi was so fresh, not battered but grilled.  The sauce was a Homemade Chipotle Mayo Sauce and it added just enough kick to the tacos – they were really delicious!!  (Although you can’t really go wrong with adding Chipotle to about anything)

Casa Maya Veggie WrapWe also ordered the vegetarian wrap.  This was also great. The wrap was made with organic spring mix, avocado, tomato, beans, freshly chopped mango, and a Queso Fresco sauce.  On the menu you are also given a choice of either hummus or vegetarian refried beans – we chose the hummus.  (You can also add Tempeh for an extra dollar)

Casa Maya Guacamole QuesadillaOn our last trip we again ordered the fish tacos but instead of the wrap we got the guacamole quesadilla.  Eh.  Nothing more to say.  A little guacamole and cheese between two grilled tortillas.

Nothing special.

As far as the new space goes- it’s nice but strange.  In the upstairs dining room there is a banquette along one wall lined with pillows.  Wonder how much food has ended up on those pillows?  It was just gross to me.  And it is a lot of space.  A lot of empty space.  It just wasn’t as cozy as the old place. Kind of boring. And the chairs were plastic.  They were plastic lawn chairs.  Weird.

Casa Maya St. Augustine Casa Maya St. Augustine

One great thing about the new space is the outdoor area.  You can sit outside on the deck and watch the tourists walk along one of the side streets.

Casa Maya St. AugustineThough we LOVED the fish tacos, we do not like the new digs.  Tacky lawn chairs and way too much open space didn’t make the atmosphere really cozy or quaint.  We also found that the second time around the prices were increased dramatically.  It was a little too pricey for a guacamole and cheese quesadilla.  There are probably too many other places in St. Augustine to try instead of returning here for a third time.  Three and a half out of five sprouts from this Hungry Sprout.

Menu and location information can be found here Casa Maya St. Augustine

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2 comments for “Casa Maya – St. Augustine

  1. Helen Corbin
    December 16, 2012 at 8:06 am

    That is too bad when a good place changes but not for the better. As far as the increased prices, I guess they had to pay for the plastic lawn chairs somehow :-)

  2. Michele
    March 10, 2015 at 11:34 am

    I haven’t been in since they moved. I have ALWAYS loved their totally Organic menu, best coffee in town, and THE BEST hot chocolate in the world & fresh Cuban bread with butter with most meals. The owners are from Yucatan…food is always fresh, clean & tasty. The kitchen & Health codes always pass with 100% grade. Evidently you didn’t visit when they first opened the original place & then return to see the awesome changes they made. I’m headed over there this weekend…post when I return. Who gives a crap about plastic chairs, jeez, the food is amazing & the owners & staff are wonderful.

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