Dutch Cafe- Peru, Indiana

2 1/2 Sprouts out of 5

2 1/2 Sprouts out of 5

Dutch Café is one of the more popular restaurants in Peru, they are known for serving up some great breakfast.  We visited twice.  The first time was for lunch, the second time was for breakfast.  We weren’t too impressed by either meal.  Dutch Café is the kind of place you go to get a  meal if you don’t feel like cooking at home.  It is certainly not a restaurant you visit for a unique foodie experience and you certainly don’t go for the ambience.

Dutch Cafe Peru

Lunch was nothing special.  There is nothing on the menu for a Vegetarian other than a grilled cheese sandwich and a salad bar which is what I had.  My sandwich was OK- it was golden brown and filled with ooey gooey cheese, though a little too greasy for my taste.

Grilled Cheese

The salad bar was decent.  Though there was plenty of veggies to pile up on my plate, but some of them were so icy they crunched in my mouth like ice cubes.  They either use frozen veggies or keep them too cold on the bar.

Salad Bar Dutch Cafe

Chad had the tuna sandwich on homemade bread.   Way too much mayonnaise.  Dutch Café isn’t much on presentation- his sandwich looked like slop on bread.  It needed some spices or something.

Tuna sandwich Dutch Cafe

Our second visit was for breakfast which they are more popular for.  The menu is very typical of any breakfast diner, a selection of egg platters, omelets and French Toast.  I had the two egg platter with hashbrowns, toast and coffee.  It was OK, again nothing I couldn’t make at home.

2 eggs

Hash Browns

Each table does have a bottle of apple butter and a jar of Amish cream.  Amish cream is a mixture of peanut butter and marshmallow cream.  It made my toast more bearable at least.

Amish Cream

Chad ordered the French Toast.  I haven’t been to many places that can ruin French toast.  He thought it was good here.  Really not much more to say here.

French toast

He had also ordered the Vegetarian Omelet– 3 eggs with mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese.  He asked to have the mushrooms omitted so they instead threw in extra green peppers.  Again, nothing special.  It was edible.

Veggie omelet

We only had one minor glitch in the food delivery.  Chad was originally brought the Western Omelet with ham.  Though we aren’t strict Vegetarians we don’t normally order pork in restaurants so we unfortunately had to send it back and wait for his veggie version.

We thought the Dutch Café was barely average.  The décor is extremely outdated.  Some of the tables need to be replaced.  We had years of coffee cup rings stains on our table.  At least cover it with a tablecloth or something.

Coffee Stains

And the bowl of creamers at the table was filthy with someone’s leftover Amish Cream breakfast.  It was disgusting.


I don’t think we would ever return and I imagine the only reason it is still popular is simply because they’ve had years of loyal followers who are regulars that return.  They are popular for their freshly baked pies- that would be the only reason for us to walk through those doors again. Lunch was awful and the table was filthy and stained. However, the breakfast was OK enough for 2 1/2 out of 5 sprouts.

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  1. Helen Corbin
    April 25, 2014 at 11:08 am

    Even if people had been going there for years that’s no reason to continue if the food is so bad :-(

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