Gabriel’s Pancake House and Restaurant- Peru, Indiana

4 out of 5 sprouts

4 out of 5 sprouts

Gabriel's for breakfast Peru

Gabriel’s Pancake House has moved into the old space that was briefly occupied by the Day and Night Restaurant/Nightclub and finally, Peru has a great pancake house in the center of town.  The parking lot is crowded during their business hours (6am-3pm daily) but on a recent visit on a Sunday morning, we were able to snag a table with no wait.  But it was crowded.

Huevos Rancheros Platter Gabriel's

The menu is pretty extensive and typical of any diner you may find in New Jersey- pancakes, omelets, tuna melts and burgers.  We were there for breakfast and not disappointed.

Huevos Rancheros Gabriel's

I was torn between the Caramel Apple Pancakes and the Huevos Rancheros before decided on the latter.  Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cheese and salsa served with hashbrowns and toast.  The eggs were fluffy, light and spicy.  Even more spicy with the hot sauce and jalapeno ketchup from the condiment station on the table.  I was impressed and satisfied.

French Toast Gabriel's

Chad went for his usual breakfast fare- the French Toast and a side of hashbrowns.  The bread was thick Texas toast, perfectly browned and served with a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar and maple syrup.  There is an option to add fruit topping but Chad kept it simple.

Hashbrowns Gabriel's

The hashbrowns were decent, but they needed onions or cheese or something else for a little more flavor.  Nothing a little more of that jalapeno ketchup couldn’t fix.

Jalapeno Ketchup

On our next visit we tried the Caramel Apple Pancakes.  Wow!  Big enough to split, filling enough if you want to keep it all to yourself.  Melt in your mouth apples rolled into a fluffy pancake with hot caramel sauce drizzled on top.

Caramel Apple Pancakes

We also tried the veggie omelette.  Stuffed with onions and peppers.  Also large enough to share.

Veggie Omelet

On Sundays they offer a brunch buffet from 10:30am until 3:00pm.  Our server tried to talk us into it, but we stated we didn’t eat meat.  He tried to tell us there were plenty of non-meat options but that wasn’t really true.

Sunday buffet at Gabriel's

The buffet consisted of items like Fried Chicken, Baked Ham, Pot Roast and Beef Tips.  Perfect if you like meat.  Plus, there are breakfast options like scrambled eggs and bacon.  The one thing that is not put out in the buffet are pancakes.  If you want pancakes with the buffet all you have to do is ask your server and they will have them made to order in the kitchen and served fresh.  Sweet deal for $10.99.

Gabriel's Pancake House Peru

We look forward to visiting here more often and enjoying lunch and/or early dinner.  Lots of great options for a Vegetarian here too from Vegetable Stir-Fry to pasta to Grilled Cheese.  A great place for home cooked fare.  Just remember, they close at 3:00pm.

Gabriel's Peru

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  1. Helen Corbin
    January 26, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Huevos Rancheros – my most favorite breakfast EVER :-)

  2. Michael Gardner
    September 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Great place for breakfast. I only wish they were open later, like 9 PM.

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