Guest post- Lenny’s Diner Clearwater

As I said- I have some new projects happening right now- basically there is one new blog that has gone up under the umbrella of Beauty and the Beets. This is one of the first posts from The Hungry Sprout a blog about eating healthy in restaurants. (Enjoy and subscribe if you like- these are my new projects- hoping to concentrate more on the healthy fun, fitness and cooking here.)

The Hungry Sprout- Lenny’s Diner Clearwater

Lenny's Diner Clearwater

My dining companion Chad and I were sitting in Lenny’s diner in Clearwater, Florida when he made the comment that very few industries are able to really showcase a sense of humor other than the restaurant industry.  Sitting in this cozy little diner I looked around and everything hanging around the room and I had to agree.  This place is hilarious.  Let’s first begin with the food.

Lenny's Diner ClearwaterWe got there around lunchtime though you are free to order breakfast and/or lunch anytime.  My friend Chad ordered the French Toast.  I had read online about all the rave reviews for their eggs benedict but I was really craving lunch so I ordered a  Ruben sandwich.  There are many varieties of this sandwich including turkey and roast beef.  I ordered the traditional corned beef.  My server than asked me to pick out my table condiments.  Table condiments?  What’s that?  I could pick from 3 out of a listing of so-called table condiments including potato salad, coleslaw, beets, edamame salad.  I chose the latter three- thinking they were just going to be a small little pexi-cup of these sides- I was wrong.  They were normal sized portions which my server brought out to me first as I had complained that I was starving. (see photo above)

The beets were peppered and the coleslaw was creamy.  The only thing that disappointed me was the edamame salad which had a ton of shelled edamame and chick peas- but unfortunately it didn’t have much flavor.

Lennys Diner ClearwaterNo worries though- when my sandwich arrived it was STUFFED with corned beef.  There was just enough sauerkraut to taste it and not be overwhelming.  Seriously, this thing was huge.  The thousand island dressing came on the side which was wonderful so I could add as little or as much as I wanted.  THAT WAS THE BEST TASTING RUBEN SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD!!  With all the table condiments I could only eat half of that monster sandwich- I didn’t mind because I was going to have the best leftover meal ever!!

Lenny's Diner ClearwaterThe French Toast comes in three different sizes depending on how many slices you want.  Chad ordered the large which was four ENORMOUS slices grilled perfectly golden.

Lenny's 2


He even ordered a side of home fries which were gone before I could snap a picture.  It was perfect sized meal for a growing forty-something year old man.  He was happy….I was over the moon happy.

So back to the fun…….

Lenny's Diner Clearwater


The restaurant is just down the street from the Philadelphia Phillies spring training facility so tons of Phillies memorabilia lined the walls. (Perfect for this Philly girl.) As a matter of fact, if you are stuck having to wait for a table on a crowded day you can sit in one of the old Vet Stadium seats (the old home of the Phillies in Philadelphia.)

Lenny's Diner ClearwaterFrom my vantage point at our table I kept seeing this large fuzzy spider moving up and down one of the windows over a booth in the corner. Granted it was around Halloween so I don’t know if this is always there but the thing would move up and down- seemingly on its own. Enough to probably scare an unsuspecting patron who sitting underneath it. We noticed a string attached to it which I will just say was connected to a door. Every time someone went in or out of the door it would move. And as we waited for our food- we noticed these signs which are randomly scattered on the ceiling tiles.

Lenny's Diner Clearwater Lenny's Diner Clearwater

This is only a sampling- I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. All in all, the food was great, the atmosphere is fun and the service was beyond incredible. And- it was busy for an early mid-week breakfast/lunch.

I am foaming at the mouth just thinking about that Ruben. I know this will be a MUST every time I am in Clearwater which come spring training season I hope to be A LOT.

Lenny's Diner ClearwaterLenny's Diner Clearwater

Next time I am probably going to order the Redneck Omelet- which if memory serves me correctly is an omelet with biscuits and gravy on top. And that is only if I am not in the mood for one of the many versions of their famous eggs benedict. Just get there early- they are only open for breakfast and lunch and close at 3pm during the week. CHOW!!


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