Kona Dog Food Truck

5 out of 5 sprouts

The Pina Colada Dog. Yummy.  Delicious. Heavenly.  I love hot dogs.  Love.  However, in trying to eat healthier I have had to give up eating hot dogs.  So when I found a soy veggie dog at the Kona Dog food truck I had to try it.  Wow!  I could not taste the difference between this soy-based dog and a beef hot dog.  I had to even go back and ask to make sure I wasn’t served the meat version.  And I wasn’t.  It was just that good.

Kona Dog Food Truck

Kona Food Dog TruckFirst of all, you consult the surfboard for all the options and pick your dog.  The choices are between a regular beef dog, a sausage dog and a soy-based veggie version.  Then you pick a Kona sauce, a fruit sauce and/or a mustard.  For my pina colada dog I chose the coconut fruit sauce and the pineapple mustard. The dog then gets constructed and stuffed into a sweet Hawaiian roll.

Kona Dog Orlando

Kona Dog Orlando

Kona Dog Food Truck OrlandoThere just really aren’t words to describe how delicious this was.  It was simply the best hot dog I have ever had.  I would have never thought to add a coconut fruit sauce to a dog.  I would have never thought to mix pineapple and mustard.  And yet, it just seemed like such a natural pairing after I tasted it.  Genius.  Absolute genius.

Kona Dog Food Truck OrlandoNext time I am getting two dogs.  One with the garlicky lemon Kona sauce and the other with the mango fruit sauce and the mango mustard.  OK-  I will get three and my third will be another pina colada dog.  Yes- that is what I will do.  An absolute 5 out of 5 sprouts.

They move around to the different food truck gatherings around the Orlando area so you have to check the Kona Dog Facebook page to find them.

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  1. Helen Corbin
    December 7, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    One of the things I miss the very very most since going vegan is a great hotdog. We have tried all kinds of vegan hotdogs and they just don’t do the trick (if I EVER would cheat it would be with a good old-fashioned dog.) SO……..if this truck is as good as you say it is, we are finding that Baby when we come down to Orlando :-)

  2. December 8, 2012 at 9:08 am

    They are most definitely the greatest vegan dog ever- next time you are in Orlando we will hunt them out…….
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