Ocean’s Seafood Market and Restaurant- New Smyrna Beach, FL

3 1/2 out of 5 sprouts

3 1/2 out of 5 sprouts

Oceans Seafoods New Smyrna Beach

Somehow, just being near a beach makes me crave seafood.  FRESH seafood.  This how we came across a very highly recommended spot called Ocean’s Seafoods Market and Restaurant.  We were warned, however, that they specialize more in the fresh seafood takeout department more than really being a restaurant.  While this was probably true, we still enjoyed a decent seafood meal.

Ocean Seafoods Market

As I said, this place is first and foremost more of a market.  The kind of market if I lived at the beach and dined on seafood 24/7 this is where I would be.  A seafood department bigger, better and fresher than anything you will find at Whole Foods.  But I am not writing about the market, this is about the restaurant.

Blackened Mahi sammy

We placed our order at the counter and then chose a table in the small dining area and waited.  And waited.  It was a little bit of a long wait for just a couple of sandwiches.

Blackened Mahi sandwich

Chad ordered the blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich.  Served on a sourdough bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of both tarter and cocktail sauce.  The kitchen did not skimp on the portion- there was enough Mahi Mahi for two sandwiches.  The fish was blackened perfectly and cooked well- really nothing to complain about here.

Grilled Grouper sandwich

I ordered the Grilled Grouper sandwich.  I should have ordered it blackened because it was lacking of any flavor.  I am not even sure if the fillet was even seasoned.  Very bland.  The sandwich was served with a side of coleslaw which I added to the fish, thus making it a little more full of flavor.

Grilled Grouper sammy

However, this is not a place I would automatically write off.  I would visit again but this time order the fried Ipswich clams (bellies included!) or the oyster sandwich.  There isn’t a huge selection of prepared seafood but I think it is definitely worth another shot.  I read too many great reviews and recommendations to give up on this place that easily.  However, for what we did have, three and a half out of five sprouts.

Oceans Seafoods New Smyrna Beach, FL

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