Pretzel Dough Pizza

Remember this scene from “I Love Lucy” when Lucy tries to make bread from scratch and she ends up with the monster loaf of bread from Hell?

I Love Lucy baking bread

Well that is what I expected to happen to us when we wanted to make our own homemade pizza dough.  However, since we had never done this before, we cheated and bought an at-home-baking kit we found at the store…

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

We ended up with the world’s thickest pizza crust in the history of pizza crust.  It also made some of the tastiest crust I have ever had.  Actually, everything turned out better than I expected…

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

It was really easy too and a lot of fun.  First we mixed the yeast packet from the kit with some warm water and let that sit for five minutes.

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

Next up add the flour mix…

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

Then I had to knead the dough on a floured surface for about 6 minutes….

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

Next we covered up the dough ball with some plastic wrap (sprayed with some non-stick baking spray) and let that sit at room temperature for 30 minutes….

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

Now it was time for the fun part- shaping the dough ball onto our pizza stone and beginning to add the toppings…we began with the tomato sauce….

Pretzel Pizza Dough BeautyandtheBeets

Next up a light layer of cheese….

Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit

We then added fresh slices of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, green olives and a little sprinkling of oregano….

Pretzel Dough Pizza

Into the oven our creation went and in a short 25 minutes we had ourselves an enormous pizza parlor quality pie….

Auntie Anne's Beauty and the Beets pizza

Seriously, this crust was HUGE!

Auntie Anne's Beauty and the Beets pizza

The next night we tried it again,  this time we used store bought pesto sauce….

Pesto Pizza

We added fresh mozzarella cheese…

Pesto Pizza

Again we used tomato slices and then we added some fresh torn basil leaves….

Margarita Pizza with Pesto

Again into the oven for 30 minutes and viola! pretzel dough pizza

I was quite skeptical of using pre-packaged dough mix but the pizza turned out really delicious.  I think what we liked most was that it was actually pretzel dough so it gave a more unique flavor than ordinary dough would have.  It was fun and not quite as time consuming as making the dough from scratch and probably more foolproof.  As I was kneading my dough I kept thinking of Lucy.  Luckily we fared better than her, but next time we will have to start from scratch……Have you ever made your pizza crust from scratch? Do you have any secrets to share?

Auntie Anne's Pesto Pizza

5 comments for “Pretzel Dough Pizza

  1. Helen Corbin
    February 19, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    The second pizza looks great and certainly not as thick. The pizza pretzel dough sounds great.

  2. Adrienne
    February 20, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    I often make my own. I use a recipe that came with my (pampered chef) baking stone. Easy, and you can freeze the dough. One recipe does 2-4 pizzas, depending on how thick you make the crusts.

  3. February 25, 2013 at 11:34 am
  4. Mozbo
    February 28, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    I’ve recently gotten into homemade pizza dough after getting a pasta roller for Christmas…I started rolling out pizza dough for mini-individual flatbread pizzas.

    Now I’ve forgone the pasta roller, and am into gently stretching out giant slabs of thin dough onto a full size cookie sheet…And today is BEET Pizza!

    I used 2 fresh beets, and the dough is positively fuscia! I love the idea of using pretzel dough. I will have to give it a try soon!

  5. Chad
    July 16, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Yeah, this was pretty tasty. It did make for some super thick crust though. It might have been better to split it up into two smaller pies. (Or use a very large pan.)

    I personally wouldn’t have had the patience to mix the dough or the willingness to get my hands that messy, but maybe I can convince Anna to do it again sometime soon…… :-)

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