Sesame Burgers and Beer- Charleston, SC

5 out of 5 sprouts

5 out of 5 sprouts

Sesame Burgers and Beer

Sesame Burgers and Beer is a popular hangout in Charleston, SC with three locations to serve you.  Voted Best Burger and Best Onion Rings in 2013 by the Charleston City Paper, we saw they had veggie burgers and had to check the place out. There are 14 variety of burgers on the menu- all of which can be made with beef, chicken, turkey or black bean burger patties.  Plus, there is a huge list of ingredients to choose from so you can make your own burger.  Anything and everything including goat cheese spread, apples, beets and peanut butter can be added to make your burger truly unique.  I can’t even begin to do the math of how many combinations they offer.

Burger Menu

We started with the Sweet and Blue appetizer.  A plate of sweet potato fries broiled with blue cheese crumbles, scallions and a red wine reduction (we left off the prosciutto chips) arrived at our table rather quickly.  I have never thought about adding blue cheese to a sweet potato but the combination was magical.  Absolutely delicious.

Sweet and Bleu

We, of course, had to try the black bean burgers.  One of the options on the menu is the Hamburger sliders here you can choose three burgers of any flavor to try. However, we made a horrible mistake.  We forgot to tell our server we wanted the black bean patties and we were brought beef patties instead.  Completely our fault.  As we sat contemplating if we should say something or just keep it zipped and eat beef, the manager had walked over to our table to check on us.  We told her our horrible mistake, and without hesitation, she took away our burgers and promised to replace them quickly.  I fully expected attitude, or even a hint of attitude, but the manager was so professional and made us feel better, though we still felt awful.  Even our server was super nice and genuine about it.  And yes, we tipped her extra in hopes to try and make up for our boo boo.


Within a few minutes we had our sliders.  The three varieties Chad ordered were the Mediterranean (olive tapenade, banana peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and mixed greens), the Italian (blue cheese and fresh basil) and the Southwestern (with guacamole and chipotle sour cream.)  The bean patties were huge and he really enjoyed them a lot.

Burger Sliders

I ordered the South Carolina with their homemade pimento cheese.  By far my favorite of my three.

South Carolina Bean Burger Slider

I also had the Park Circle which was topped with cheddar cheese, cole slaw, bbq sauce and tomatoes.  Delicious and tangy.

Park Circle Slider

My third was the Hawaiian which I ordered without the ham.  My patty was topped with  grilled pineapple, provolone and a creamy onion sauce.  Also unbelievably delicious.

Hawaiian Bean Burger Slider

We also had to try their famous onion rings.  Not my favorite, but they were enormous.

Onion Rings

We really loved this place.  It is so nice to find a burger joint that offers so many varieties even to the vegetarian.  And the service was wonderful.  Despite our mistake, we were treated very well and really made to feel at home.

Three Sliders

Sesame Burgers and Beer will definitely be our list of places to visit again our next trip up to Charleston.  And from the crowd there, this place is a favorite among the locals as well.  Five out of five sprouts.  Sometimes customer service is everything.

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