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4 1/2 sprouts out of 5

4 1/2 sprouts out of 5

Chocolate Cafe Indianapolis

On a cold day in Indianapolis we found ourselves doing the tourist thing, climbing to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and eating at the Indianapolis Colts Cafe.  We stepped into the Chocolate Café and became entranced by the smells of chocolates and coffee.  We made a beeline right for the hot chocolate.

Chocolate Cafe Hot Chocolate sign

There are many varieties of hot cocoa including White and Dark Hot Chocolate.

Chocolate Cafe Hot Chocolate menu

We chose the Mexican Hot Chocolate and the Chocolate LaSalleMexican Hot Chocolate is spiced with cinnamon which was perfect for such a cold day.  Topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cocoa powder, this was the perfect cup of the hot stuff.

Chocolate LaSalle

Chad ordered the Chocolate LaSalle.  I was quite jealous because his came with a piece of minty chocolate.  The chocolate LaSalle was so perfect, it was like drinking a liquid thin mint.

South Bend Chocolate Company hot chocolate

The South Bend Chocolate Company has 9 Chocolate Café locations- 4 in the South Bend area, 2 in Rolling Prairie near the touristy Michigan City and three in the Indianapolis metro.

Candy the Chocolate Cafe

South Bend Chocolate Company candies

There is a full service candy shop in the front of the store with chocolate confections, coffee and hot cocoa.

Chocolate Cafe Cheesecake on a stick

Toward the back there is a section with ice cream and cakes along with a handful of tables to sit at and enjoy your treats.

Indy Swirl

Next door, but connected through an interior door is Indy Swirl, a frozen yogurt shop with 8 handles.  Though it was quite cold outside, there were certainly plenty of people indulging in festive holiday flavors like eggnog and peppermint swirl.  Plus a full bar for all your favorite toppings.

Frozen Yogurt Flavors Indy

Yogurt Toppings Indy Swirl

We absolutely loved this place.  Whether it is cold outside or 90° and sunny, the Chocolate Café has something for you.  From ice cream and frozen yogurt to coffees and hot chocolates they’ve got you covered.

The Chocolate Cafe

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