The Black Molly Grill- St. Augustine

4 out of 5 sprouts

4 out of 5 sprouts

Driving through town on our way to Jacksonville, we were tired, hungry and craving seafood.  What we didn’t want to do was fight the tourist crowds in the downtown district so we strayed off the beaten path and found The Black Molly Grill.  We were pleased.

Black Molly St. Augustine

The Black Molly Grill looks new both on the inside and the outside and not like your typical seafood type restaurant.  No decorative lobster cages hanging on the wall.  No roped fishing nets draped across the ceiling.  Just clean and simple.  And actually,  the only thing that even leads me to think that this is a seafood joint is the fish on the logo.  It is a cool logo.  However, once you see the menu, you realize The Black Molly is more of an American fare style restaurant with a few seafood dishes sprinkled in.  Pork chops, chicken and pasta share the menu with shrimp and salmon.

Fish tacos

Well we were in the mood for fish.  Chad ordered the blackened fish tacos which was made with Mahi Mahi that particular day.  (The daily blackened fish rotates daily.)   Chad is a sucker for fish tacos.  He will try them anywhere anytime so I would say he has become a bit of an expert on the subject.  He liked these…  The fish was blackened perfectly- not too spicy or salty.  The tacos were stuffed with plenty of fish accompanied by fresh cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.  As a matter of fact, he liked them so much he wouldn’t even offer me a bite so I will just have to take his word for it.  He also ordered the sweet potato fries which were thick and seasoned well (those I did get to taste.)

Shrimp Po Boy

Black Molly Shrimp

I ordered the Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich.  I was expecting your typical breaded and fried shrimp on a hoagie roll but what I got was entirely different.  The shrimp were huge and meaty, not breaded and fried, but grilled I would say.  The sauce was called a “snap sauce” which was a little tangy and slightly spicy.  Very good.

Beet salad

All the sandwiches come with one choice of a side and the choices are fairly typical- fries, veggies, rice or coleslaw.  However, one item caught my eye and I had to try it.  I ordered the pear and beet salad unsure how that combination would work but as it turned out, it was pretty good.  Nothing earth shattering but a nice change from the ordinary.

Black Molly dining room

We were there on an early Sunday afternoon and it was fairly empty and I love nothing more than a nice quiet restaurant. I avoid dining out on Friday and Saturday nights because of the crowds. From everything I have read online about The Black Molly, it looks like they get pretty busy for dinner on the weekends so get there early.

We would most definitely dine there again though if we were really craving fish we would probably seek out an actual seafood restaurant which seem to be plentiful in St. Augustine.  However, I can certainly see why the locals are drawn to The Black Molly Grill- the food was pretty good and the service was friendly and efficient.  Four out of five sprouts.

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