The Ravenous Pig- Veggie Style

3 out of 5 sprouts

3 out of 5 sprouts

We were wrong to pre-judge The Ravenous Pig but we did because (a) we don’t eat a lot of meat, if any and it sounds like a meat lovers dream and (b) they call themselves a Gastropub and we don’t really do the “pub” thing.  We were so wrong. This isn’t a “pub” (but it is a meat lovers dream.) The Ravenous Pig- Winter Park, FL A “gastropub” is actually a concept started over in London- basically a higher end restaurant and bar.  We were pleasantly surprised to find something on the menu we could have. What made the place more intriguing however, was the fact that The Ravenous Pig changes their menu almost daily using local and organic ingredients. There aren’t a lot of items on the menu to begin with so we were happy to find a few things we could enjoy.   I am told that they tweak the menu on a daily basis, sometimes just to tweak an existing dish, remove something from the menu or to add something new, so it seems like everyday could be a different dining experience.  However, because it is such a small menu our options were very limited.  And if you are a Vegan, forget about it- you won’t find anything here.  But that is OK- not every place strives to accommodate every palate.  If they did, they would have a 40 page menu.

We started our meal by ordering the Lake Meadow Deviled Eggs appetizer- basically 2 eggs, sliced in half and “deviled” with smoked paprika and chives.Lake Meadow Deviled Eggs- The Ravenous Pig  It certainly didn’t blow us away but it is very unique to find deviled eggs on any menu at any restaurant, yet alone a higher end one.  They were very tasty, they just weren’t over the top dancing on the palate worthy.  But they were still good.  Not much different than the average home cook making the same dish.

I ordered the Gatherer salad-  basically fancy lettuce, pickled beets, sliced radishes, avocado, goat cheese, and crushed pistachios with an herb vinaigrette. Gatherer Salad- The Ravenous Pig I was really craving a salad so this was perfect for me- I was offered to top the salad with either tuna steak or Mahi Mahi but I kept it simple this time.  It wasn’t a large salad but it wasn’t too small.  I would suggest an appetizer or two if you have a big appetite to compliment this salad.  I also liked the fact that the herb dressing was more of a light drizzle instead of a heavier pour so the other ingredients really stood out on their own.

Chad had the Mahi sandwich with a side of truffle fries.  Truffle fries you ask?The Ravenous Pig  Well, basically they take a truffle mushroom and mix it into salt- only the truffle is so powerful they only use a tiny little bit to “season” the salt.  Chad loved the fries- I personally thought they were very very salty.  And the truffle taste was very almost overpowering.  However, it was nice to find a place do something other than just fry up some potatoes and call it a side dish.  Again, while I wasn’t thrilled with the fries, Chad loved them!

His sandwich itself was very good also.  The Mahi was served on a brioche bun with roasted tomatoes and a sauce gribiche. The Ravenous Pig What is sauce gribiche you ask? (No worries- I had to Google it.)  Sauce gribiche is a cold egg sauce (like mayonnaise) mixed with pickled cucumbers, capers, parsley, tarragon and hard boiled eggs.  Chad actually very much enjoyed his lunch.

Like I said, the menu for a vegetarian or a Vegan is very limited.  Luckily we eat fish so we were able to find something.  Other items on the menu (at least for this month) include Steak Frites and Fennel Seed Gnudi (the menu says that is pork cheeks?) and Duck L’Orange.  Plenty of choices if you are a hearty eater of meat.

The Ravenous Pig- Winter Park, FL

We would go again, mostly just to explore a new menu.  This is not the place to go if you have a certain craving as the menu is very small and changes daily.  However, if you are one with an adventurous palate this is absolutely the place for you.

I am only judging from a Vegetarian/Pescatarian’s point of view so I give this place 3 out of 5 sprouts.  The menu is very small thus leaving you with only one or two choices- plus the fries were just too salty for my taste.

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Lake Meadow Deviled Eggs

Gatherer Salad- The Ravenous Pig

Mahi Sandwich- The Ravenous Pig

Mahi Sandwich- The Ravenous Pig

The Ravenous Pig- Winter Park, FL

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  1. Helen Corbin
    February 26, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    You reminded me how much I love deviled eggs – haven’t had them for eons :-)

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