Vegan 2 Go- Gainesville, FL

4 out of 5 sprouts

4 out of 5 sprouts

Vegan 2 Go Gainesville

Vegan 2 Go has an interesting concept- they are a counter service restaurant, but they are also a meals kitchen.  A place where you pay a set price and you pick up weekly meals that have been prepared for you.  In this case $95 will buy you 3 main dishes, 4 sides, soup and dessert.  I have heard of these meal kitchens before, but never one that was 100% Vegan.

Vegan 2 Go Menu

We stopped in to just grab a quick meal.  It’s a tiny store tucked on the end of three store building just off the main interstate through town.  If you blink, you may miss it.  The menu consists of salads like the Mango Avocado Salad, sandwiches like the Philly Sub and pizzas like the Hawaiian Pizza with Vegan ham.  There are also rice and noodle dishes.

Noodle Combo 1

I ordered the Noodle Combo #1 which had rice noodles, a spring roll, a summer roll and a sesame BBQ skewer.  The rice noodles were excellent.

Summer Roll Vegan 2 Go Summer Roll

The Summer Roll had lettuce, pears, carrots, tofu, Vegan ham and crispy potatoes wrapped in rice paper.  Very tasty.  The Spring Roll had tofu, jicama, carrots, cabbage, mung beans and mushrooms.  Also tasty, but not as good as the Summer Roll.

Sesame BBQ Skewer

I really liked the Sesame BBQ skewer which was soy protein, lemongrass, sesame seeds and BBQ sauce.  I am normally not a big fan of fake meat but these were really good too.  They were juicy and slightly spicy.

Quinoa Salad

Chad ordered the Quinoa Salad which was quinoa mixed with cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes and chickpeas tossed with lemon juice and parsley.  He enjoyed it but it wasn’t his favorite.  It would have been better as a side dish as opposed to a main entree.  He was more into my rice noodles.

Rice noodles

Though the place is very tiny with only two tables to eat at, I gather most of the business is from takeout orders.  There was a steady stream of customers taking their food to go.  Maybe hence the name Vegan 2 GO? One thing Chad pointed out was the fact that there weren’t a lot of Vegetable dishes on the menu. Most all the dishes were made with some type of Vegan meat and fake meat isn’t really our thing.

Vegan 2 Go

We liked it overall and would definitely visit more often if we lived in the Gainesville area.

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  1. Helen Corbin
    February 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    It’s so nice that Florida has so many vegan places :-)

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