When your favorite Mexican place goes bad

Chad and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food.  My parents love Mexican food- they used to take my brothers and I to a place called Viva’s in Fairfax, Virginia.  Every Friday night us kids had a “Mexican Pizza” – it was just a huge flour tortilla with cheese- that’s it- no beans, no lettuce, no guacamole- just a tortilla and plain cheese.  We also loved the Queso dip – to this day I will occasionally splurge and I will shovel down an entire order of queso by myself and I am taken back to the Viva’s days.

So Chad and I found a Mexican restaurant right near our house in Orlando that we just fell in love with called San Jose’s.

San Jose's Mexican Restaurant

The restaurant is located in a strip mall (there are several locations in the Orlando area) and we have often found that the best places to eat are in strip malls.  We used to go there a lot and take friends and family who were visiting in town.  Ah- sooo good….until now. Sad smile

What used to be really good food and portions is….uh…no more.  This last time it was just plain bad.  They still have a nice selection of vegetarian options but not like they used to.  They used to include greens- whether it was lettuce or guacamole on the plate along with rice and beans- no more.

The only green I got was the spinach in my queso-spinach appetizer-

San Jose's Mexican Restaurant

It was really tiny and served with only 2 tiny little flour tortillas.  Completely not worth the $8.

Then the entrees came-

I got a combo platter with a chile relleno, a bean burrito and a mashed potato enchilada.

San Jose's Mexican Restaurant

Yuck- not even the chile pepper was green.  The bean burrito was good but I didn’t see the difference between a burrito and an enchilada- they were both made with corn tortillas and they were rolled the same (burritos are supposed to be larger and closed like an envelope while an enchilada is typically open on both ends) and the enchilada wasn’t baked- it was obviously “cooked” in the microwave with everything else.  The mashed potato enchilada was awful- very dry- and tasted like powdered potatoes.  Chad wasn’t a fan either.  He got an enchilada platter with a cheese enchilada, a bean enchilada and a mashed potato enchilada.

San Jose's Mexican Restaurant

Look- no green, no rice, no beans….no presentation.  Just a plate of goo.  We had to order an extra side of beans just to feel like we had something healthy.

About the only thing they didn’t seem to change is the chips and salsa.  Good thing we ended up with three baskets of them so we at least felt somewhat full when we left since we didn’t eat much of our entrees.  $35 down the drain………

San Jose's Mexican Restaurant

There are too many other Mom and Pop little Mexican restaurants in the Orlando area for us to try than to bother going here  again.

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite eating place changes for the worst?  We only hope that Tijuana Flats doesn’t go downhill as that will now be our go-to-place for a quick fix like refried bean nachos.

San Jose’s does have a website so you can check it out for yourself.  However, the menu on the website is not even remotely close to the menu we saw in the restaurant.  San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant

Ew…bad chow! (I am thinking this 90% approval rate on Urbanspoon is from the old glory days…)  Annoyed

San Jose's Original Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  1. Helen Corbin
    May 31, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Maybe someone from this restaurant will read this and DO something about it – good for you :-)

  2. June 2, 2012 at 4:19 am

    HA!! I just realized that San Joses was listed on my favorite eats in Orlando- had to edit that!!!
    Anna-Marie recently posted..When your favorite Mexican place goes badMy Profile

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