Zorba’s Greek Taverna dinner date

So after another great church service this evening, we were STARVING.  We were thinking about hitting a Mexican restaurant for dinner when we saw a sign for a new Greek place right up the road from where we were.  The character of the restaurant was very simple with plain wood tables, white plates and rolled napkins neatly placed.  As we were being shown to our table, we noticed white paper cocktail napkins all over the floor.  Weird we thought.  Our server talked us into the Zorba Platter –a sampler appetizer- tzatziki (cucumber yogurt spread), hummus (chickpea spread), baba ghanouj (eggplant spread), fila dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and tirosalata (a whipped feta cheese spread) –

Zorba's Greek Tavern

It was served with warm pita bread – HEAVENLY – there is no other word to describe it.  The tirosalata was probably my favorite thing on the plate – our server even brought us some extra for us to take home.  I am most definitely going to find a recipe online so I can make it at home.

As we were finishing up the appetizer, licking every morsel off our plates – the music changed to this upbeat song and suddenly all the servers formed a kickline of sorts and started dancing through the dining room.  There were only three other tables in the room besides us but everyone was clapping along having a good time.  I tried to get a picture but they were moving so fast it all came out a blur. They threw cocktail napkins everywhere (that explains the napkins on the floor) and even threw and broke a plate in the corner- all part of the act.  Then they had a gentlemen who started singing in front of a little stage area that was set up in the corner of the dining room.  He had this bowl shaped fat little round guitar thing – he was very good.  We thought it was Greek music but turns out it was Colombian salsa.  It was great whatever it was-

Our entrees came- they were ok- Chad had a falafel wrap, I had the roasted veggie wrap and we each had a side Greek salad.

Zorba's Greek Salad Orlando

Zorba's Greek Tavern


We would absolutely go there again if only just for the Zorba’s platter. They had many other selections including more traditional Greek dishes like Mousaka, kabobs and Mediterranean fish dishes. We like to eat more vegetarian dishes when we can so Greek is always a yummy option for us.



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  1. Helen
    September 19, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    :-))))))))))))))) Wish I could figure out how to put actual laughing faces on this?????!!!!!!!!!

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