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1/3- Friday Favorites- Hot Chocolate, Pizza and Donuts

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I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe New Years!!  We spent the holidays in freezing cold Indiana so we are happy to be back to 70° and sunshine!!  However, it seems to be that in order to have a proper Christmas, one has to be in cold weather and/or snow.  We did wake up to snow on Christmas Day which brings me to my list for Friday Favorites.


Need I say more?




South Bend Chocolate Company hot chocolate

We aren’t big coffee drinkers but when the thermometer hits 15° outside what better way to warm up than with hot chocolate!!  We visited the Chocolate Café in downtown Indy, a candy and ice cream shop by the South Bend Chocolate Company.  There we enjoyed Mexican Hot Chocolate and a minty cup of Chocolate LaSalle.  It warmed us up, filled our bellies and gave us Holiday cheer!!



Pizza King Veggie Pie

Anyone who lived up north then moved to Florida knows what I mean.  The pizza in Florida is just usually not that good.  There are a few places to get what I call real pizza but not many.  One of Chad’s favorite pizza places in Indiana is called Pizza King– a place where the crust is crispy, the toppings are filled all the way to outer edge of the pizza and pie is cut into squares.  It is just better than most of the pizza in Florida in my opinion.

Pizza King Indiana



Just so I can hang on to the Holiday season for just a bit longer……

Philosphy Eggnog Shower Gel



Grasshopper Donut from Donut King

From Pizza King in Indy to Donut King in Florida.  New Year’s Day we took a short drive from Orlando to Minneola to check out this donut shop which had received some pretty good praises from the locals.  From minty chocolate Grasshopper donuts to sprinkled Florida Gators donuts to Heath Bar toffee donuts there is something for everyone.  Good thing being on a strict diet was one of my New Year resolutions.  Probably not a waistline friendly donut in the whole place but boy are they delicious.  Yes, we chose to abandon our healthy low-sugar meals for donuts.  Thick, moist, cakey donuts.  Yum.  Don’t judge me. You know you want a bite.

Donut King Clermont


Thanks again to Heather of Housewife Glamour for organizing Friday Favorites-

Housewife Glamour

Well, I have certainly indulged in pizza and donuts this Holiday season so now it’s time to hop back on the healthy wagon!!  We have already signed up for two upcoming 5K races and are researching our next marathon/ half-marathon for possibly the spring.  Any suggestions?



Saturday 4th of January 2014

I got a fantastic cornbread doughnut to try. I love fun donuts!


Friday 3rd of January 2014

I'm liking the donuts. Might have to check those out. Better than KK?

Anna-Marie Walsh

Friday 3rd of January 2014

Well I will say yes- KK has their glazed donuts but Donut King has the chocolate stuffed- which to me tasted like Krispy Kreme but stuffed with chocolate creme!! Oh.....my..GOODNESS!!!! That's all.

Helen Corbin

Friday 3rd of January 2014

I love the barn in the snow and I am definitely liking the pizza :-)


Friday 3rd of January 2014

Anyone ready to open a Pizza King franchise in Florida?