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5 New Orlando Restaurants You Need To Try

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5 New Orlando Restaurants You Need To Try Beauty and the Beets

I think many people would be surprised by how much of a foodie town Orlando is. We have quite a number of unique eateries among the theme parks and surrounding hotels, but outside of the tourist district, Orlando is full of cuisine worthy of  a world’s fair. We are as diverse as a city the size of New York or Los Angeles, with something to suit every taste and every culture. I regularly write restaurant reviews for a variety of outlets though I do not often publish them on the front page of Beauty and the Beets. I do have a tab of restaurant reviews in the upper right corner of the page with posts of restaurants I visit here in Orlando as well as on my travels. And as Orlando continues to grow, so does our restaurant scene. I recently visited five new restaurants in Orlando with great food I recommend adding to YOUR places-to-eat-in-Orlando list.

1. Buttermilk Bakery

Buttermilk Bakery Beauty and the Beets Tartine Mache Salad

Buttermilk Bakery has opened quietly without fanfare on Orange Avenue in Winter Park. It is only a matter of time before word gets out, a line forms out the door and we will be spending our time waiting for a double baked croissant or a homemade pop tart. Grab a plate of the daily tartine with a cup of cold brew and ease your way into the day. By the way, the Tartine Provencal with the Mache Salad is totally worth the wait if there is one.

2. Farm-Haus

Farm Haus Beauty and the Beets

Farm-Haus will be opening their brick and mortar store soon at East End Market. For now  we will have to settle for their farm-to table Chef service or hope for another weekend pop up brunch at East End. The avocado toast went nicely with a glass of the local greens juice from Skyebird, also in the market. Seriously, the avocado toast was amazing. I hope it goes on the menu when the restaurant opens.

3. STK Steakhouse Disney Springs

Shaved Brussels Sprouts STK Steakhouse Disney Springs Beauty and the Beets

STK Steakhouse is one of several restaurants to open along with the new Disney Springs complex. While it is mostly a place that specializes mostly in steak, there are quite a few options for non-meat and fish lovers. The Shaved Brussels Sprouts salad is unlike any other way you have known Brussels Sprouts, and the Crispy Mahi Mahi Sandwich is meaty and heartwarming. Try to sneak a peek around Disney Springs from the second floor balcony of STK, it’s a pretty cool spot.

4. The Sanctum Café

The Sanctum Cafe Beauty and the Beets

Best not to come during the busy lunch hour as the space is small and seating is limited. But definitely get here to The Sanctum Cafe and enjoy the Kale Caeser Salad with a locally made Kombucha. A great lunch after a yoga class next door, or if you just want to eat super clean.

5. Duffy’s Sports Grill

Duffy's Sports Grill Beauty and the Beets Lobster Tacos

So technically Duffy’s Sports Grill is not a new restaurant in the Orlando market, however, they did recently open a new location in Altamonte Springs, in the old Mimi’s Café building. And they have introduced a new menu across all their outlets. You would never expect to grab a bowl of steamed mussels (complete with the crusty dipping bread) or lobster tacos from a sports bar but that is exactly what Duffy’s offers. And…everything is made in house, including the incredibly delicious quinoa kale and mushroom veggie burger.

Helen Corbin

Thursday 25th of August 2016

NOTE to self: stop reading Beauty and the Beets blog like this when you are hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat first, then read :-)