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A rare look behind the scenes at the Beets corporate headquarters

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behind the scenes author sitting at a computer working on the Beets logo with three cats scattered on the couches sleeping

As you can see, my staff and I have been working hard over this long Thanksgiving weekend trying to get the updated version of the “Beauty and the Beets” website up and running.

This is a picture of a typical business meeting with me and three of my staff members- here we are designing and discussing the new logo.  However, it appears that some of us were designing and discussing more than others….

Helen Corbin

Monday 28th of November 2011

I think you need a better Human Resources Department if this is the best they can do at hiring your staff!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of lazy “animals.” Adorable and precious but nevertheless, L-A-Z-Y. L is for Lenore, Z is for Zoey and AY (like Aaaaaaaaaay) is for the Little Man.

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