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Behind the Scenes at Paula Deen

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I was recently invited to attend a presentation by Florida Hospital which included a cooking demonstration by Paula Deen (she made healthy chicken fajitas) After, we were invited on the stage to ask questions and take pictures.


I immediately went straight to the kitchen demo area and snapped these pictures-  everything was neatly lined up and organized, the knobs on the stovetop were labeled “big pan” and “small pan” and the recipe was propped up in case she forgot what she was cooking.

Paula Deen Healthy 100

Paula Deen cooking demo

Healthy 100 cooking demo

Paula Deen cooking demo

Paula Deen cooking demo

Paula Deen cooking demo

Healthy 100 cooking demo

Paula Deen Healthy 100 cooking demo

 cooking demo

Paula Deen healthy chicken fajitas

Beauty and the Beets Paula Deen event

Paula Deen demo kitchen

It was interesting to see how they had set everything up- Ms. Deen was especially tickled at how they labeled the stove for her.

So, we also did a little wandering backstage at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center and found the catering table (no chicken fajitas here.)

Bob Carr catering

Backstage catering

And before we knew it, they were tearing apart the set….

Bob Carr


It was a neat media event- read more about the presentation here and be sure to sign up for the Florida Hospital Healthy 100 program- even if you don’t live in Central Florida- for great tips on how to live to a Healthy 100!

CHOW healthy!


Friday 5th of April 2013

Sounds like someone has done production on a cooking show before and knew exactly what to do to get ready for Paula. How fun!!!

Helen Corbin

Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

Very interesting and funny how they have to label stuff.