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Blue Man Group Universal

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the iconic Universal globe plaza at Universal Studios Orlando

One word to describe the new Blue Man Group Orlando show……AWESOME!

Blue Man Group Orlando has been at Universal Studios with the same show for several years now. Universal Orlando has now decided to change the show up in accordance with all the new changes happening at Universal Orlando- including a new parade and new attractions. I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to the Media Preview event that took place this past Thursday. It wasn’t the entire show but we were privileged to see some of the shows new elements.

the Blue Man Group in between giant pages of Moby Dick

three Blue Man Group members in front of a giant xylaphone with a dark black background

This show is so visually appealing…there are colors and lights and a live band….and hands clapping and arms waving……..they play instruments and paint pictures. Anyone who has seen the old Orlando show knows about the toilet paper and they have kept the toilet paper…….. a little bit.

purple light glow balls falling from the ceiling with toilet papers falling

Now they have colored balls that become part of the show. It’s super cool.

green red blue purple glow balls falling from the ceiling with the Blue Man Group stage in the background

a shot from the audience with ginat red and blue glow balls falling onto the heads

Blue Man Group is great- I think it is one of the most entertaining shows of all time. So much to see and take in…….

Blue Man Group in front of an abstract gaint picture with purple glow balls falling from the ceiling

It’s funny…it’s interactive and well worth the money. Go see the new Blue Man Group Orlando show the next time you are in town – and if you buy me a ticket I will be happy to keep you company.

3 Blue Man Group members holding their batons high in the air in front of a giant xylaphone

This is an educational show too – without giving too much away- did you know there are over 50 ways to describe your derriere?

That’s true.

3 shadows in fromt of a red blue and purple LED screen on a black background

Check out Blue Man Group for more information and tickets.

Helen Corbin

Friday 17th of February 2012

I think you should list the “fifty ways” :-) That is so great you got to see the previews but how did you take all those great pictures - on the sly???????? Did you sneak that adorable LITTLE camera in?

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