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Flippers Pizzeria – Orlando

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4 1/2 out of 5 Sprouts

4 1/2 out of 5 Sprouts

I remember when Flippers was just a local little spot near Sea World- the closest place that delivered pizza to my apartment.  One store.  That was it.  Now they have 13 locations in the Orlando region plus two in the Tampa area.

Flippers Lake Buena Vista

It’s been too many years to count since I last stepped into a Flippers (there are none considerably close to my current address), however, my parents insist this is the best pizza in all of Orlando.  This says a lot because they are from New York City where good pizza is found on every corner.  The one complaint I have living in Florida is the lack of decent pizza so when a New Yorker says Flippers is good, well, I guess I have to give it another chance.


First of all, the Flippers I knew was just a counter with a few tables, more of a carry-out or delivery type place.  We walked into the Lake Buena Vista Flippers and I realized I have just stepped into a full service restaurant.  Though not fancy, a little more high end than the days of old.

Flippers Pizza

The menu consists of appetizers, flatbreads, salads, pastas and specialty pizzas- something for everyone.  The pizzas even come in 4 sizes, the “my pie” which is 10”, followed by a 12”, 14” and the largest is 18”.   There were four of us in my party and we all ordered our own “my pie” pizzas- which was perfect since we all liked different things on the menu.

First up was the Quattro Formaggio- a cheese pie with mozzarella, provolone, romano and asiago cheeses.  The most simple of all our pies and it was very good.  This pie was simple but not plain and flimsy like  cheese pies of other places in Orlando.  The crust held up to all the cheese and it wasn’t greasy.

Quattro Fromggio

Our second pizza was the arugula and prosciutto pizza, only minus the prosciutto.  Again, yummy without the grease. And delicious.

Arugula pizza without the prosciutto

Third, the veggie pie with Flippers’ Fiery Chipotle sauce and no cheese.  Spicy and quite tasty.

Flippers- Chipotle sauce and veggies

Our last pizza was the Sonoma without the cheese.  The pie was piled with artichoke hearts, broccoli, spinach, sundried tomato pesto, fresh oregano and sea salt.  When a pizza is topped with a bunch of veggies, you really don’t miss the cheese.

Flippers Sonoma minus the cheese

Overall, Flippers was great and totally accommodating with our dietary needs.  We loved it and left full and happy.  I was impressed.  I won’t let so many years pass by before visiting again.  I would say for a pizza place, Flippers is pretty top notch.

Flippers Pizza Crossroads

Flippers Pizzeria website

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Friday 3rd of January 2014

Ok, I'm ready to go back.

Helen Corbin

Thursday 2nd of January 2014

Love it :-) I give it five out of five smiles :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)