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I see Sea World

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One of the best things about living in Orlando- the theme parks!!

I LOVE Disney, I LOVE Universal…..but my favorite theme park in Central Florida by far is SEA WORLD. On a hot day in February I went to visit Sea World with a good friend of mine- Lacey.    She is fairly new to the Orlando area and hadn’t been to Sea World yet- so I was happy when she wanted to go!!  We blocked off a few hours one afternoon to just get her feet wet (HA!  Sea World- water- feet wet…get it)?

We first fed the sting rays- to me they feel like big giant wet mushrooms……..Lacey fed them fish that you can buy on-site.  They don’t just take the food out of your hand- they suck it out.  Ewwwww!

Sea World (2)

We then went over to Shamu stadium…..I have always loved the Shamu show.  Here are MY pictures-

Sea World (14)

Sea World (19)

Sea World (3)

Sea World (5)

Sea World (4)

After the Shamu show, we went to check out the Clyde and Seamore sea otter and sea lion show- this is just the cutest show in all of Central Florida (in my opinion).

Sea World (16)

Sea World (13)

Sea World (18)

There is a mime in the beginning of the show that makes fun of people-

Sea World (9)

We ended our day feeding the sharks…..

Sea World (8)

Sea World (7)

…and the sea lions….

Sea World (11)

Sea World (12)

..until this bad bad bad bird ate the fish!

Sea World (17)

Next time we are going to the top of the Sky Tower……..

Sea World (1)

…and I MIGHT ride a roller coaster or two……

Helen Corbin

Tuesday 3rd of April 2012

We will definitely have to go when we come down. The pictures are great. By the way, now that you rode that unbelievable roller coaster at Universal, you can ride them ALL - nothing is too extreme, right? :-)

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