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Press Release for the World Food Championships

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As some of you know, I have been selected to participate in the blogger’s event at this years World Food Championship, taking place in Celebration, FL from November 3-10. Fifty bloggers will spend three days learning about the world of food sport. We will then end our experience with a blogger cook off where we will all compete in a little food competition of our own. I have heard we are all cooking steak so I have yet to decide if I will be participating in the actual cook off or just cheering on my fellow bloggers! Anyway, I wanted to share the official press release of the World Food Championships:

World Food Championships Kissimmee


For Further Information Contact:

Amy Green  615.297.6886                                                                                         [email protected]

Anna-Marie Walsh Selected for Participation in FoodFightWrite Blogger Summit Invitational

The FoodFightWrite Bloggers Summit is scheduled to kick-off Nov 2-4 in Celebration, Fla., with a select group of invited food and travel bloggers in attendance. Sponsored by the World Food Championships, in conjunction with YummieNation, the Summit has attracted the attention of Bloggers from across the United States and from as far away as Mayanmar.

Anna-Marie Walsh of Orlando, FL is one of the selected Bloggers who will be headed to the FoodFightWrite! Bloggers Summit when it convenes in November. Walsh has been a food blogger for four years. You can follow the Blog Posts at BeautyandtheBeets.com

“The FoodFightWrite Bloggers Summit is bringing skilled communicators together with representatives of leading food brands to explore together the future of the food industry,” said Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships. “But the Summit is also exploring other hot food trends especially in the world of Food Sport.”

“It is nearly impossible to watch an evening of TV these days without running into a cut-throat kitchen, celebrity cook-off, or a recipe cooking show,” he said. “The topic is huge, the financial investment in food sport is huge and this year the FoodFightWrite! Bloggers Summit will learn about the world of food competitions.”

McCloud noted that after spending some study time, the Bloggers will put their skills to the test, setting aside their keyboards and picking up spatulas as they enter the Kenmore Kitchen Arena to compete in the First Annual Bloggers Challenge.

“Just like any other Championships, the Bloggers can win not only bragging rights, but cash,” he said.

Beth Peterson, CEO of YummieNation echoed the enthusiasm for the Challenge. “It will be really interesting to see how writers take what food brands have shared with them in terms of cooking tips, presentation strategies and even ideas for recipes and turn that into something edible with the pressure of limited time, new cooking equipment and appliances and the outdoor competition arena,” she said.

“But no Bloggers Summit would be complete without skill building in effective use of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter,” she said. “There will be places throughout the Summit where we work on effective photography, understanding when the sweet spots are to post on social media and other tools of the Blogger’s trade.”

Peterson noted that these skill-building sessions will take place in the context of the Summit’s sessions, allowing time for Bloggers to hone skills while learning new aspects of the food industry.

“The Sponsors involved in the FoodFightWrite! Bloggers Summit have provided a wide array of opportunities for Bloggers to develop post ideas and capture photography,” she said.

Helen Corbin

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

By the way, I love your new site :-)

Helen Corbin

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

This so fantastic for you and for them to have selected you. I can’t wait to read all about it. Just for the record, even though you don’t eat meat, I think you should find a great recipe and participate. :-)