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Snow Whatchamacallits

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I found some interesting whatchamacallits in the local K-mart while visiting Indiana recently.  Apparently, since I live Florida, I did not understand the proper use of these doohickeys- for instance- the sled supposedly works better outside in snow than in the middle of K-mart…. but I had fun……until I was asked to please either buy the sled or put it back on the shelf…….

the author testing an orange sled in the middle of an aisle in a shopping market

the author sledding in the middle of an aisle in a store on an orange sled screamming

And why do people in Indiana need such large sand castle shovels?

the author looking puzzled holding a big silver snow shovel in the aisle of a market

I found these in the car- they were fun to play with whatever they were…..until I was asked to please put them back into the car…….

the author wearing a white jacket and black cap playing with a snow scraper and snow brush with a snowy background

the author wearing a white jacket and black knit cap with snow removal brush and scraper covering her eyes with a snowy background

I saw my first snow in ten years….it’s beautiful but COLD!!

the author posing in a snowy parking lot wearing black pants, white jacket and black knit cap

Anna and Mr Beet standing out in the snow with snow falling knit cap white jacket

I hope everyone is having a Happy and Joyous Holiday season!! And stay warm!!

a red barn covered in snow in the middle of a snowy field and snowy trees

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