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Fun Springtime Cupcakes

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Springtime Cupcakes – we’ve got blue monsters, fried eggs, and grassy cows!

I am not a baker. I love the Vegan Desserts class from Rouxbe Online Culinary School but that’s as good as it gets for me. I bake cupcakes twice a year – once at Halloween (because spiders and candy corn!) and I make springtime cupcakes with lots of colorful sprinkles and bright liners.

Egg Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

I was in Charleston, South Carolina when I found a specialty cooking store and school (has since closed permanently) and I stocked up on some fun cupcake supplies. Edible cow sprinkles, candy shreds and eyeballs, and brightly colored wrappers. I mean cow sprinkles, how can one not buy seven jars of edible cow sprinkles?

Cow Confetti Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets
Grassy Cow Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets
Cookie Monster Blue Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

Armed with a box of chocolate cake mix, I set out to make Grassy Cow Cupcakes, and marshmallow cream topped cracked egg cupcakes. I thought the Cookie Monster cupcakes were going to be super adorable – but the way they turned out – let’s just call them Blue Monster Cupcakes.

Springtime Egg Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

For the egg cream cupcakes, I spread white marshmallow cream on top of the cooled cupcakes, then colored the cream using yellow food coloring and doppled it on top to resemble the yolk.

Blue Frosting Beauty and the Beets
Blue Cookie Monster Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

I used blue food coloring to color cream cheese frosting blue to hold on to the bright blue candy shreds, and then, eyeballs.

Grass Cow Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

And the cows are sitting in the green grass, enjoying life on springtime cupcakes.

Cupcake decorating is about having fun and I was able to track down the cow sprinkles and candy shreds on Amazon!

Blue Monster Cupcakes Beauty and the Beets

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