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That Day I Ran From New York City to San Francisco

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Yesterday I wrote about our experience at the Winter Haven Hospital Citrus Classic 5K.  It was a lot of fun running through the Legoland theme park, passing roller coasters and animated characters along the way.  We were so impressed by all the Lego displays- from tall giraffes to a miniature Batman to an over-sized Albert Einstein head.  As we were nearing the finish we came across a grouping of Legos that made us stop dead in our tracks.  As other racers went running by us, we stopped for a good 15 minutes marveling at this incredible display.  I apologize up front as there are a lot of pictures below.  There were so many cool things I had to share!

Vegas Stratosphere  Legoland

The Stratosphere in Las Vegas

We were in Vegas.  There it was- the entire Las Vegas strip built out of Legos.

Vegas Sign Legoland

Las Vegas

Vegas Luxor Legoland

The Luxor in Las Vegas

The detailing was amazing.  There were lounge chairs around a miniature hotel pool.  There were “employees” at The Mirage Hotel sitting around tables and umbrellas.

Vegas hotel pool Legoland

The pool at The Mirage and the New York Hotel in Las Vegas

Vegas The Mirage Legoland

The Mirage in Las Vegas

Vegas Legoland hotel workers break

Employees on break at The Mirage in Las Vegas- look at the vending machines!

There were “people” gathered in front of the Treasure Island Hotel watching the Pirate Ship show.  (Anyone who has ever been to Vegas know what I am talking about- just walking up and down the strip there are many free shows in front of these massive casinos.)

Vegas Treasure Island Vegas Legoland

Treasure Island in Las Vegas

Vegas Treasure Island Legoland

The Pirate Ship show at Treasure Island

It didn’t end at Vegas.  We found ourselves in New York City.  Grand Central Station.  Central Park.  The billboards of Times Square.

NYC Skyline Legoland

Empire State Building

NYC Grand Central Station Legoland

Grand Central Station

NYC Central Park

Central Park Zoo

NYC Dakota Legoland

Central Park

NYC Times Square Legoland

Times Square

NYC Chelsea Lefoland

New York City

NYC Statue of Liberty Legoland

Statue of Liberty

NYC Ferry Legoland

The sightseeing ferry around the Statue of Liberty

Next we were on to Washington DC.  The Washington Monument.  The Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials.

Washington DC Legoland

Washington DC

Washington DC Memorials LEgoland

The Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials in Washington DC

Hollywood.  The Hollywood Bowl.  There were even those people that dress up as Super Heroes in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  The famous Hollywood Legowood sign.

Hollywood Bowl Legoland

The Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Graumans Chinese Theatre Legoland

Graumans Chinese Theatre

Hollywood Legowood sign

The Legowood Sign and the Griffith Odservatory in Hollywood

San Francisco.  The Painted Ladies.  The famous crooked street.  The Golden Gate Bridge.

SF Painted Ladies Legoland

The Painted Ladies in San Francisco

SF Crooked Street Legoland

Crooked Street in San Francisco

SF Golden Gate Bridge Legoland

The Golden Gate Bridge

Tampa. St. Augustine.  Miami.  Key West.  The famous red and white window awnings of the Florida State Capitol Building in Tallahassee.  Kennedy Space Center.

Tampa Legoland

Tampa, Florida

St. Augustine Legoland

St. Augustine, Florida

St Augustine shipwreck Legoland

A ship wreck off the coast of St. Augustine

Miami South Beach Legoland

South Beach in Miami, Florida

Miami Little Havana Legoland

Little Havana in Miami, Florida

Key West Legoland

Key West, Florida

Tallahassee Legoland

The State Capitol Building in Tallahassee

Kennedy Space Center Legoland

Kennedy Space Center

Again the detailing was incredible.  Check out all the fans in the stands at the Daytona International Speedway.

Daytona Beach Legoland

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Beach Speedway Legoland

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Beach speedway crowds Legoland

The stands at Daytona International Speedway

We did finish the race eventually but that is my story of how I ran from Las Vegas to New York City to San Francisco and back to Florida in under an hour.


Friday 18th of April 2014

We spent a lot of time wandering through the different cities. Pretty facinating.

Helen Corbin

Wednesday 16th of April 2014

That is really incredible. Can you imagine being able to build that stuff :-)