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Travel tales

Blue Man Group Universal

One word to describe the new Blue Man Group Orlando show……AWESOME! Blue Man Group Orlando has been at Universal Studios with the same show for several years now. Universal Orlando has now decided to change the show up in accordance with all the new changes happening at Universal Orlando- including a new parade and new attractions. I was …

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Snow Whatchamacallits

I found some interesting whatchamacallits in the local K-mart while visiting Indiana recently.  Apparently, since I live Florida, I did not understand the proper use of these doohickeys- for instance- the sled supposedly works better outside in snow than in the middle of K-mart…. but I had fun……until I was asked to please either buy …

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Disney Part 2 – The Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Studios – formerly known as The Disney/MGM Studios.  Back in my day we called it MGM.  It will always be MGM to me.  My ol’ stomping grounds.  I worked in entertainment here – I marched down Hollywood Boulevard in the parades, I danced across the stages in a couple of shows, greeted guests …

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Disney Part 1 – Epcot

Ah- the perks of living in Central Florida – we can spend a day at any of the area theme parks without needing plane tickets or hotel rooms – today we chose Disney and our adventures started at Epcot. The very first thing we did was go snag some fast passes to Test Track.  We …

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