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Until We Meet Again My Precious Little Angel Zoey

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Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (6)

I am skipping my usual Meatless Monday post this week. It is with a very sad heart that I have to announce the passing of one of my precious Beets. Zoey passed away last Friday afternoon while under the care of her vet. She was being treated for complications with diabetes- something she had been fighting for over a year.

Zoey Bobo 017

My sweet little angel came to me while I was living in Boston. As a Flight Attendant, I knew having a dog was out of the question but a cat could be left alone for a few days while I was flying a trip. I went to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts and was pointed to a box of newborn kittens. I immediately picked out my Zoey and she was only one of two that had not yet been adopted from the litter of 10. I knew the second I held her she was mine.


I got her just a few weeks prior to September 11, 2001. On that fateful September day, my house was filled with fellow Delta Flight Attendants, many who were stranded across the country away from home and we watched the day unfold on TV. Little Zoey walked from person to person, turning tears into smiles. She never stopped turning my tears into smiles for almost 14 years.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (13)

She has seen me through boyfriends, breakups and finding new loves. She was really the first to warm up to Chad.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (1)

Zoey got a brother when she was just 6 months old and they became inseparable. Sullingham J. Moose was Zoey’s partner in crime.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (3)

Sully comforts Zoey

Those two went through a few illnesses together. A few years ago, Zoey was very ill from an allergic reaction to a flea bite. Her recovery took several weeks, of which Sully never left her side. He cuddled with her in her carrier, he sacrificed his mealtimes and playtimes just to be by her side. They had a beautiful friendship.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (2)

It was also Zoey and Sully who helped Chad and I raise Lenore. They were both ten years old when we got Lenore and together they showed her the ropes. And even though she wasn’t black and white like them, they still welcomed her into their house with open paws.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (9)

Zoey never missed an opportunity to sit on my lap, sit next to me or sleep on my head. She was truly my best friend and her passing has been heartbreaking to me. Anyone who has ever had a sweet animal knows the joy and true love they bring. Anyone who has ever lost an animal knows the deep sorrow and emptiness their passing brings.

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (17)

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (12)

I miss her terribly. I have been talking to her everyday because I truly believe that wherever she is she can hear me. And she is still with me. Her spirit is with me at the grocery store, in the car and with me at night while I work. She is with me when I am in the kitchen, just like she always used to be. She still watches me do my makeup, brush my teeth and pick out my shoes. I know she is with me everywhere, only now she is pain-free. And she can eat all the Cheez-its and Wheat Thins she wants.

Zoey Bobo 2011

Zoey Bobo Beauty and the Beets (11)

Her paw prints are all over my kitchen and most importantly, my heart. Until we meet again my precious little angel…..mommy loves you.

Amy Barrie

Wednesday 6th of May 2015

She was a lucky girl to have you for a Mommy. You are absolutely right ... she's watching you & loving you from Kitty Heaven (while nibbling Cheez-Its and wheat Thins, of course). <3

Helen Corbin

Monday 4th of May 2015

An extremely beautiful tribute. She was and still is a very Precious Girl who now has probably read this (they can read when they go to Heaven) and is saying “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom.” She will always live in our hearts :-)

She was so lucky to have a Mom like you (and her Daddy and her Brother, Sully and Sister, Lenore.)

Sharon Walsh

Monday 4th of May 2015

Beautiful tribute! Adorable pictures.