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Welcome to Friday Favorites for 11/14

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Friday Favorites Beauty and the Beets

Welcome to Friday Favorites! I love Fridays, don’t you? Let’s jump right in!

Mulling spices

Fall is here- it’s cold up north, it’s cold in Florida (hey- 50° is cold for us!!). I think Autumn is my favorite season- time to break out the mulling spices. My Mom sent these to me a few years ago and I love to boil them up on the stove. The entire house smells like apples and cinnamon.

Yankee Candle

Speaking of Fall, I recently took advantage of a huge sale at the Yankee Candle Company. When I am not boiling spices on the stove, I am burning this Mountain Lodge candle. All I am missing is the snow.

Truffle fries Beauty and the Beets

Last week I had lunch at the Culinary Institute of America with my Mom and Chad in upstate New York. I am still dreaming of these truffle fries.

Lemon Water

I tout the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon all the time on the blog and there is something even more magical about drinking it as the weather cools down.

Carrot yogurt Beauty and the Beets

I found this carrot yogurt at Whole Foods. While it was a little sour, it was delicious mixed with some maple granola. I am not sure I would eat it on its own though but it would certainly make an amazing dip for raw veggies and crackers.

Snap Pea crisps

Snap pea crisps. Do I really need to explain this one?

Sullingham J. Moose

These faces. Have you ever seen anything cuter? These are my little buddies- little fuzzballs that keep me warm when the temperature dips to <gasp> 50° here in Florida! The black guy is Sullingham J. Moose (Sully- protector of Chapstick) and the white girl is Lenore Raven Poe. I also have a third one- Zoey but she is a little more camera shy.


Stay warm guys and have a great weekend!

Thank you to Heather from Housewife Glamour for hosting the Friday Favorites party!!

Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment

Friday 14th of November 2014

What a cute kitty! Those fries are quite something for sure. Have a great weekend!

Heather @ Housewife Glamour

Friday 14th of November 2014

OH my goodness, truffle fries. Those are so good! Love the pics of your kitties too! Thanks for linking up. Happy Weekend :)

Helen Corbin

Friday 14th of November 2014

LOVE your three fur “Blankets."