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Take a Tour of the Whole Foods Headquarters Flagship Store

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The Whole Foods Headquarters and flagship store is a shopping experience that should not be missed if you find yourself in Austin, Texas.

Whole Foods headquarters Beauty and the Beets

On September 20, 1980, a little market opened in Austin, TX, a store that has changed the way we shop for groceries today. In just 37  short years, Whole Foods has expanded to over 469 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Mr. Beet and I not only shop locally at Whole Foods in Orlando, we also grab meals from there often when we are out on the road. We have been to Whole Foods in places such as Utah, Tennessee and New York City, as we are always able to find tasty treats from the prepared foods bar, or we grab a salad and a gourmet coffee for the road.

Whole Foods Austin sushi Beauty and the Beets

On a recent trip to Austin, Mr. Beet and I sort of accidently stumbled into the flagship store, the store that actually sits under the company’s international headquarters. We were hungry and we figured we would grab some sushi and sit outside to enjoy the mild Texas weather. In the end, we did grab some sushi, but not before being tempted by a handful of eateries scattered throughout the store. I wonder if this particular store is really a place for groceries, or a giant food court with every type of bite imaginable available at your fingertips.

Whole Foods Austin sushi counter Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin Red Okra Bistro Beauty and the Beets

Name a food and you can find it here. How many Whole Foods stores offer 10 eateries where one can grab a seat and enjoy a freshly prepared meal….while shopping?

Whole Foods Austin fruits Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin Horned Kiwona Melon Beauty and the Beets

Grab a Vegan chorizo taco or a salmon teriyaki rice bowl, then stock up on your cactus pears and  honed kiwona melons for the trip home.

Whole Foods Austin BBQ Counter Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin fish counter Beauty and the Beets

I debated. Did I want BBQ or Shrimp Mousse? A polenta cake with a local craft beer or a breaded eggplant hero with a glass of rosè?

sushi rolll Whole Foods Austin Beauty and the Beets
Kosmic Kombucha Texas Blues Beauty and the Beets

In the end, we both settled for fancy sushi and kombucha.

Whole Foods Austin sushi rolls Beauty and the Beets
And like most Whole Foods stores, there is a designated seating area for dining. Only here, the seating is on two levels, with the upper level doubling as an ice rink in the winter months. Yes, an ice rink at a grocery store.

Stop by this Whole Foods Headquarters after work, grab dinner and listen to one of the many local Austin bands that perform here. Bring your yoga mat and chill with a class on the plaza.

Whole Foods Austin spice wall Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin spice wall 3 Beauty and the Beets

Don’t forget the groceries. There is a giant spice wall I have seen in only a small handful of other stores.

Whole Foods Austin Trailmix Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin Trailmix 2 Beauty and the Beets

Make your own trail mix.

Whole Foods Austin veggie noodles Beauty and the Beets

Grab some veggie noodles for home.

Whole Foods Austin cheese Beauty and the Beets

Pick up some fancy cheese to go with that bottle of wine.

Whole Foods Austin coconuts Beauty and the Beets

Do you fancy white or brown coconuts?

Whole Foods Austin Juice Bar Beauty and the Beets
Whole Foods Austin Coffee Counter Beauty and the Beets

Here’s the thing – this Whole Foods Headquarters Market is an experience, especially if you are a fan of the market and visiting from out of town. I have to say, I have never included a supermarket in my restaurant reviews, but this Whole Foods is worth a mention and a visit when in Austin. 

View the Whole Foods Eatery Menus here.

Helen Corbin

Friday 17th of February 2017

Best grocery store ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to be able to visit the flagship store would be great.