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Orlando OUC 5K

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Left.. right.. left.. right.. left.. right……sounds so easy…..

This past weekend was the OUC 5k and Half Marathon. Every time my alarm goes off at the pre-rooster hour I think “WHY????? WHY????!!!!??????”

glass high rise condos along LAke Eola in Orlando with the turquoise fountain in middle of the lake

But after Chad drags you to downtown Orlando and you see thousands of other runners- you kinda sort of start getting into the spirit of things. First of all, just to see Lake Eola so peaceful in the morning was worth the early morning wake up.

Chad got into position for his half marathon (I was running the 5K which was starting later) and I ran into my brother who was also running the half. They were off!! Fifteen minutes later I started the OUC 5K.

blue banner of the finish line of the OUC Half Marathon in Orlando with a small crowd of people

The course for the 5K was pretty neat. We ran through some of the older residential streets in the city – we were surrounded by cute little bungalows and huge trees – my dream neighborhood!

I ran a very good time (for me I am usually at about the 45 minute mark) I am not a runner- I prefer walking but I will run when I want to (like when you dangle a new pair of boots in front me- like a bunny and a carrot) – I crossed the line at 35:13 which means my chip time was about 34:30. This is my second best time ever – unfortunately, the fine folks who threw this shindig together had problems with the 5K chip times so all I have of my time will be the picture of me crossing the finish line. HOWEVER- here is proof of my best time ever- the 33:39 I ran in Sarasota –

Sarasota times JPG

Everyone who completed the race got a nice finisher’s medal – it was my first running “award”. I waited for Chad and my brother at the finish line……and watched some of the other runners come in.  I love these races- there are always interesting people to see…

th author and her bigger brother posing with their finishing medals at the end of the race

We then hit Panera for grub. I ordered a veggie sandwich with chips. I had hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini on multi-grain bread- who cares that it was 9am? I mean, it was like noon rooster time…..

the author showing off her medal in a booth at Panera while brother looks on

Can you tell I am proud of my medal?????

Helen Corbin

Thursday 8th of December 2011



Monday 5th of December 2011

At least you won your division- not bad for your first 5K!! And Chad isn't so PRECIOUS at pre-rooster hours.........

Helen Corbin

Monday 5th of December 2011

Yeah - I remember being dragged out by your Precious Chad at Rooster Time for a 5K as well - but once we got into it we had fun, right Anna? I am proud of you.

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