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Update on our new friend….

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The child can eat- did we adopt a kitten or a little piggy? Oh well- either way- Lenore is cute, adorable and she loves her Daddy. Although I have to remind Mr. Beet that we are trying not to eat meat-

Mr. Beet trying to eat a tiny calico kitten

Well there is certainly something about Mr. Beet that animals just love- and Lenore is no exception- she just seems to naturally flock to him- well, he can’t complain too much- it appears Lenore may just be an Indianapolis Colts fan as she spent Sunday evening watching football with her Dad-

Mr Beet and tiny calico kitten in his hands by his face

And no- before you even leave a comment and ask- you CANNOT have her- she is all mine-

a tiny calico kitten with her paws on a cream colored blanket


Wednesday 28th of September 2011

You need to put the recipe for "kitty snack” on your blog :-))))))

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