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11/22: Friday Favorites #3

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Here we go- round #3- of Friday Favorites:

1.  Whole Foods Hummus

Whole Foods Olive Hummus

Hummus is the greatest snack ever.  Hummus is also so popular now that it can be found anywhere, however, my favorite is that from the Whole Foods brand.  This hummus is made fresh at the store so it isn’t trucked in and left to sit in a stockroom before being sold.  Love the Whole Food brand and their abundance of flavors.


2. Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels

Blueberry Pretzels

Seriously, who invented these things?  I love chocolate covered pretzels and this just adds another dimension to snacking.  I get them from the bulk bins at The Fresh Market.


3.  That One Spot Spinach Veggie Burger

That One Spot veggie burger

OK- second week in a row I have chosen local restaurant fare as one of my favorites.  But really, That One Spot in Ocoee just west of Orlando has the best burgers and I am not talking of the meat variety.  They have a spinach veggie patty, a black bean patty, a salmon burger and on occasion an Ahi Tuna patty of which any of them can be substituted on any of their topping options.  We LOVE this place.  I forgot how much I really love this place until we had lunch there earlier this week.


4. Philosphy Purity facial wash

Philosphy Purity

I love about anything that comes from Philosphy including this facial wash.  It’s gentle, tingly and doesn’t have that yucky perfume scent.  It smells clean.  It works great.  I love how soft it makes my skin feel.


5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Treasures

I got the entire collection a month ago at Sephora.  I got every color, every flavor.  I love the entire Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment line- I get a hint of color while renewing my lips.  BIG LOVE.

What are some of your favorite things this week? Find what others are loving this week or link your own post on Housewife Glamour here.

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What are some of your favorite things this week? Find what others are loving this week on Housewife Glamour here. Or link up your own post here!

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