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10 Delicious Vegetarian Game Day Snacks

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Are you hosting a game day party this year? Here are 10 delicious vegetarian game day snacks for your gathering.

I love watching the Super Bowl with friends. My favorite part is making the game day snacks that everyone can enjoy while watching all the funny commercials (or the game if that’s more your thing). From Buffalo Cauliflower Wings to Baked Jalapeno Poppers to a Whipped Feta Cheese Dip, there’s plenty of vegetarian options to feed everyone! Here’s 10 recipe ideas to get you started for the big game:

1. Cauliflower Buffalo Wings with Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing

It’s easy to see why Buffalo wings are the most requested game day snack. The combination of spicy hot sauce and creamy blue cheese make this an all time favorite for football junkies everywhere. The sauce can be made mild or with extra heat to cater to all taste buds. Cauliflower makes this dish healthier than its deep fried meaty counterparts and the Vegan Blue Cheese dressing can be swapped out for Vegan Ranch if desired.

Get the recipe for Cauliflower Buffalo Wings with Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing here.


2. Easy Cheesy Baked Jalapeno Poppers

Another popular vegetarian game day snack is cheesy jalapeno poppers. This recipe is also baked just like the Buffalo cauliflower wings, thus making them slightly healthier than their traditionally fried counterparts. Cream cheese and sharp cheddar along with Panko breadcrumbs will have your guests begging for more. I like to double up this recipe and then use the leftovers chopped up over garlic butter pasta.

Get the recipe for Easy Cheesy Baked Jalapeno Poppers here.


3. Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Mexican street corn is a nice twist from the bean and cheese variety most of us think of when we hear the word nachos. While adding corn to corn or flour tortilla chips may sound counter productive, it’s the cojita cheese, cayenne pepper, and Mexican crema that take this plate to the next level. This is another dish that can be with extra heat by adding extra cayenne or paprika pepper.

Get the recipe for Mexican Street Corn Nachos here.


4. Roasted Olives with Fennel, Citrus, and Rosemary

Plop a plate of these roasted olives down on the table and I promise they will be gone in a matter of mere minutes. I like to use a combination of pimento olives, black olives, and for a special treat, blue cheese stuffed olives. These olives are as addicting as a bowl of potato chips, only healthier. This will be the champion of vegetarian game day snacks.

Get the recipe for Roasted Olives here.


5. Pickled Peanuts

This has been one of my most popular posts since it was introduced on the blog almost ten years ago. Inspired by a restaurant in Eastern North Carolina, it seems Southerners can’t get enough of peanuts, whether they are served raw, boiled, or in this case, pickled. These you will want to make well in advance of game day as they need to marinate in the brine for 24 hours.

Get the recipe for Pickled Peanuts here.


6. Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas have seen an uptick in popularity recently as they are addictive, healthy, and versatile. They are super easy to make and can be flavored with a variety of spices to fit anyone’s preferences. This is another recipe I like to double up on to use the leftovers as a topping for salads, pizza, and mashed potatoes.

Get the recipe for Spicy Roasted Chickpeas here.


7. Festive and Spicy Nacho Popcorn

Nutritional yeast is mixed with salt, cayenne pepper, onions powder, and garlic powder for a festive and spicy spin on buttered popcorn. Popcorn is another popular addition to a table of vegetarian game day snacks that can dressed up or down with a variety of spices. I pop a giant bowl in my microwave using a silicone popcorn popper thus eliminating the need for oil. Make a batch of the spices beforehand so you can easily replenish the empty popcorn bowl as needed.

Get the recipe for Festive Nacho Popcorn here.


8. Creamy Whipped Feta Cheese Dip

This creamy whipped feta cheese dip is both hearty and tangy. Perfect with vegetable crudites or homemade pita chips, this dip is also excellent as a spread on a sandwich. I top my whipped feta with pistachios and red pepper flakes, but another great topping would be the spicy roasted chickpeas mentioned earlier.

Get the recipe for Creamy Whipped Feta Cheese Dip.


9. No Bake Almond Butter Energy Bites

These no bake almond butter energy bites are a simple to assemble recipe for your spread of vegetarian game day snacks. You can make these ahead of time and refrigerate until game day. Another recipe that’s super versatile, the almond butter can be swapped out for peanut butter and milk chocolate chips can be replaced with their Vegan counterparts. These have become a staple in my house over the years as they are an easy pop-in-your-mouth snack that’s quick and portable.

Get the recipe for No Bake Almond Butter Energy Bites here.


10. Southern Candied Pecans

Every game day party needs something a little sweet and these Southern candied pecans hit the spot. Another dish that can be made ahead of time, these Southern treats are everyone’s favorite for a change of pace from the salty buffalo wings and nachos. Plus, as an added bonus, these pecans are slow roasted in the oven, creating a sugary sweet smell that will welcome anyone into your home.

Get the recipe for Southern Candied Pecans here.

As you can see, you can still be healthy and enjoy game day sitting in front of the television.