2014 Favorite Recipes- Part 1

2014 Favorites Part 1

Hello! Here we are at the end of the year and what a year it has been over here in Beetsland. We’ve accomplished so much this past year, ran a ton of races and made a lot of food. This week I am rounding up 5 of my favorite recipes from the past year- welcome to Meatless Monday- 2014 Favorite Recipes Part 1. Next week will be the last 5 of my favorites. What is your favorite recipe you made in 2014? Leave me a link in the comments below- let’s share our favs!  Anyhow, here’s the first 5 of my top 10 from Beauty and the Beets:

Blueberry Breakfast Skillet Cake

Blueberry Skillet Cake Layers

[get recipe here]

Though not the healthiest of my recipes, this was one of Chad’s favorite breakfast recipes. We have certainly made modifications like using Vegan butter and Coconut Palm sugar to healthy it up a bit but sometimes you just want something ooey, gooey and sweet to start your day. This is probably the most requested breakfast recipe in my tiny household.

Quinoa Fruit Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Quinoa Fruit Bowl Beauty and the Beets

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And on to a healthier recipe- this Quinoa Fruit Breakfast Bowl was inspired by a meal my Mom and I had in New York City. We stopped at a little cafe in the Downtown/Wall Street district and tried their quinoa bowls. At lunch they added quinoa to beans and veggies but for breakfast they added quinoa to fruit and milk. I loved the idea and thought of a recipe that would be healthy and sweet.

Grilled Cucumber Hummus Sandwich

Crispy Cucumber Sandwiches BeautyandtheBeets

[get recipe here]

Another one of Chad’s favorite recipes- a light sandwich for a very easy lunch. The hummus provides the creaminess usually reserved for cheese while the black olives add the tangy-ness. The cucumbers simply mellow the sandwich out. I could eat one of these everyday.

Chickpea Mash

Vegan Chickpea mash

[get recipe here]

Talk about an easy recipe- only two ingredients here- no cooking, no heat, no long preparation. Just mashed chickpeas and avocados. I always make extra whenever I make this because it carries well for lunch at work. I usually eat it the first day on good gluten-free bread with radish and alfalfa sprouts, then use the rest as a spread for crackers on day two.

Baked Sweet Potato with Brussel Sprouts, Cranberries and Pecans

Sweet Potato with Sprouts Beauty and the Beets

[get recipe here]

Two of my favorite vegetables- sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts together in the same dish. Dried cranberries add some sweetness and crumbled blue cheese adds a little pungent punch! Loaded with tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is one healthy and delicious dinner!

Thanks for stopping by on this Meatless Monday- next week I will round up the last of my favorite recipes from 2014 and look forward to ringing in a healthy and satisfying 2015!

Friday Favorites- Asics, Papyrus and Cookies

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Wow- for a girl who did nothing but sit on the couch and watch movies all week, this week really flew by. I am now officially one week into my recovery- one week after my surgery. You can read the first part of my road from Surgery to Running Again here.

I kept my recovery in mind as I constructed this week’s Friday Favorites. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

First, I have been sitting on the couch watching movies all week- literally. It will be another two weeks before I can start moving around a little and THREE MONTHS before I can wear these again!


I can’t imagine how I am going to be in another few weeks let alone another few months just sitting around. I am already going bonkers. I am looking forward to putting on my new Asics and taking a light walk around the block.

Asics Chad Marathon Runner

Speaking of Asics, I have this guy sitting on the dresser in my bedroom. This is Chad. The fine folks at Asics made him a figurine of himself before the NYC Marathon. Only 500 people were selected to receive their very own action figure. While it resembles him, it doesn’t exactly look like him (for instance- the real Chad doesn’t have sideburns while his action figure does) I still think it is cute and fun.

Chad's Chocolate Chip cookies

Speaking of Chad- he has been doing a wonderful job fixing the meals around here. He even tried his hand at baking and whipped up these chocolate chip cookies for me.

Papyrus Cards

As I continue to recovery I have been receiving a few cards wishing me well (thank you everyone!) My favorite cards are the ones my Mom has been sending through the years. She is a big fan of Papyrus cards and they are always so unique. I’ve started framing them and hanging them in the house.

Provence, 1970

Lastly, I’ve had time to not only watch movies but also to catch up on my readings. I joined a program called Blogging for Books (<—not an affiliate link- the service is free). I pick out a title from a large selection of books and they will send me the book. Once I read it, I review it on the blog and then pick out another book. I picked out this book Provence 1970 as my first selection. The story is about the turning point for the history of American food. So far it seems interesting.

That’s all I’ve got for now- thanks for stopping by. See you guys on Monday for Meatless Monday- have a great weekend friends!

Housewife Glamour

Special thank you to Heather from Housewife Glamour for hosting the Favorites link up!